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We can facilitate membership growth and retention. We can also identify potential new members that have similar demographics and psycho graphics as your existing members and exactly how far they are from your location.

Some of the Demographics we can identify would be Age/Segment, Gender, Income, Religious Affiliation, Martial Status, Number of Adults, Number of Children, Presence of Children, Senior Adult, Single Parent, Community Involvement – Financial Support, Household Size,New Parents, Newlyweds, Recently Divorced, Arthritis/Mobility, Diabetic, Disabled, Senior Needs. Some of the Psycho graphics include: Children’s Interests, Community/Charities, Parenting, Religious/Inspiration, Self-Improvement and whether or not they have the propensity to contribute in the form of Donations or Contributions.

Industry Overview

The Religious Organizations industry consists of organizations that provide religious worship or promote religious activities. Industry establishments include churches, temples, mosques, synagogues and other houses of worship, as well as convents, monasteries and religiously affiliated community centers. However, schools and hospitals that are operated by religious organizations are not included in this industry. Over the five years to 2018, the industry has performed well. Revenue, measured in total donations to religious organizations, is estimated to grow an annualized 3.7% during the five-year period to $136.8 billion in 2018. , with a 5.3% increase in 2018 alone. The vast majority of donations (69.9%) come from individuals.

Religious Organizations:

NAICS Code 813110: This industry comprises of the following: Establishments primarily engaged in operating religious organizations, such as churches, religious temples, and monasteries.

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