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This forthcoming. Some of the Psycho graphics we can identify include Lifestyle Interests such as being an Avid Music Listener and/or Music Collector.

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Independent artists and performers, including freelance and bestselling writers, stage and A-list actors and painters, in addition to a dozen other artistic professions,comprise the highly diverse Performers and Creative Artists industry. This industry does not include freelance musicians and artists, which are classified in the Musical Groups and Artists category (IBISWorld report 71113). An estimated 97.0% of industry operators are non employers (i.e. individuals that work alone with no staff) that make little money in return. However, top artists, such as famous authors and actors, are capable of earning millions of dollars annually and typically employ teams to maintain their images, accounting for the small percentage of employers within the ind.

711510 – Independent Artists, Writers and Performers:

NAICS Code 711510: This industry comprises independent (i.e., freelance) individuals primarily engaged in performing in artistic productions, in creating artistic and cultural works or productions, or in providing technical expertise necessary for these productions. This industry also includes athletes and other celebrities exclusively engaged in endorsing products and making speeches or public appearances for which they receive a fee.

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